Getting Well

So last Friday I woke up kinda nauseated. That turned into really nauseated. And with a fever. And body aches. And, oh, chills are what I needed at that point. And the whole time dealing with some symptoms I’d rather not share right above a picture of food. It lasted pretty much all weekend. Friday, I spent the morning and early afternoon, um, detoxing my system. Friday afternoon, D showed up with ginger beer and pretzels. Saturday, I writhed and moaned because I still had body aches. Sunday I felt well enough to meet my mom and my good friend for brunch where I had… not much. And then I came back and rested because leaving the house was exhausting.


Monday, life was nominally back to normal. I made it to work. I made it to rehearsal. But I started the day not being able to face solid food. I subsisted on some fresh juice (a green one and a pineapple-cucumber-ginger one that was seriously yummy) until, about mid-afternoon, I experienced my first full-on craving for actual solid food in 4 days. I went out and got a grilled chicken soft taco appetizer with friends. Yum. Then, some wonton soup and spring rolls for dinner (hey, it’s what sounded good!). Yesterday, I had my first actual, full-sized meal in 5 days. It was dinner.


Of course, yesterday morning, D woke up feeling ill. Not the same thing I had (thank the gods!), but still bad enough that he decided to stay home from work for a day, which he never does. So I decided to come home from work and take care of him like he took care of me. I asked him what he wanted, and he said “Chicken?” so I planned on making chicken tenders and French toast (which is what I wanted). But they only had turkey. Okay, turkey tenders and French toast. Then, I forgot the bread. Okay, turkey tenders and asparagus. No recipe; I just used this recipe from How Sweet It Is (more or less), using D’s favorite Annie’s Hot Chipotle BBQ sauce,¬†because the woman seriously has her PhD in chicken tenders (I’m pretty sure she has almost as many recipes as I spent years in grad school).


And asparagus is because asparagus is D’s favorite vegetable, it appears. Every time I ask him to go to the store and pick us up a veggie, he will try to come back with asparagus, if it’s available. Even if it’s January and the only asparagus has been air-lifted from Chile and, seriously, honey, couldn’t you get a nice, local-ish, bunch of something hardy and leafy? Or a squash, perhaps? No. Asparagus. That I just did simply saut√©ed with olive oil, salt, pepper, and lemon juice.

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